What is Backhive Marketplace?

Backhive is an online services marketplace that connects small to mid-sized funds (SMF's) with qualified freelancers who provide backoffice services to private investment funds.

Vertical online marketplace

Niche focus on backoffice services for alternatives funds

Understands unique needs of SMF's, startup funds and SPV's

Pre-qualifies all parties on the platform

Contract management

Payments processing


SMF Fund Managers: Ensure your backoffice needs are fully covered

With Backhive, be able to find outsourced fund administration and fund services options at every stage of your investment firm's development…or access supplemental resources to support your internal backoffice.

Access outsourced fund administration and other fund services professionals who understand SMF’s

Get qualified financial advisory services from the inception of your firm on a fractional basis

Stop the time suck of managing your 3rd party fund administrator and other service providers

Temporary/fractional freelancers at all experience levels


Fund Services Professionals: Become a freelancer and control your destiny

With Backhive, you can use your specialized expertise to grow your own business.

Access real, qualified opportunities for fund administration and other fund services business

Project opportunities at all experience levels

Work your own hours, set your own prices and set your own work processes


Boutique Fund Services Firms: Readily access talent with expertise

With Backhive, you can have the peace of mind of having ready access to qualified professionals when needed.

Access qualified temporary freelancers

Grow your firm quicker while preserving quality

Reduce the overburden to existing staff during busy seasons or during firm ramp up